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Book Review - Haunted by Tamara Thorne

Updated: May 9, 2018

Basically a great 70's - 80's horror movie in book form, with equal doses of terror and titillation.

Well, they sure don't write them like this anymore. Or they very rarely do anyways. Written in the mid 90's, it feels older than that, modems and in-house fax machines notwithstanding. Graphic, mildly explicit, and altogether engrossing, this is classic horror done right. I wasn't a big fan of the ending or the final showdown with the big bad, and some of the dialogue was too cutesy and cheesy, but those quibbles were more than offset by the atmosphere, killings, and general naughtiness.

Where Haunted really shines is in the brooding, sleazy, and slightly oppressive atmosphere it evokes. It very much reminds me of the heydey of horror movies (late 70's through late 90's), when some people were evil just because they wanted to be, victims were killed in increasingly inventive ways, and people had sex because, well, why not? This book is those movies written down. Don't get me wrong, I love cerebral works and I love the backstories to some of our greatest villains. I do love me some heady, thought provoking material. But...sometimes you just gotta go old-school simple. And "Haunted" fits the bill perfectly. It is an enjoyable retro romp that offers both steams and screams, and was just what the doctor ordered.

What I loved most about this book is how it channeled, while never quite copying, similar works from the glory days of horror books...the 80's! Back when King and Koontz reigned supreme! But though those were the big names, maybe along with John Saul, there were plenty of lesser known works that were vying for attention on the bookshelves. They weren't on the best-seller lists like the big K's, but they were quite good in their own right. They had a certain vibe, those old horror books, where the authors were interested in telling a story AND offering chills, where it seems a lot of modern horror authors are just vying to shock or provide a twist. Books like Haunted were actually providing plot, while giving us readers enough tawdry material to feel aroused while all the death was taking place.

So if you are feeling like you really want to read some vintage horror, but have already read all the of the vintage horror, give Tamara Thorne a try. She'll transport you back in the best of ways!

4 out of 5 seductive and sexy stars!

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