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Netflix Series Review - Requiem (Episode 2)

Episode 2 – So now that we have the central mystery established, and maybe (or maybe not) answered, we can finally move on with the getting to the bottom of things, right? Errrrr…or maybe not. I’m starting to wonder if Requiem is going to be the Lost of the supernatural thriller genre. For every question that gets answered, we get two more asked. It seems very clear that this show is in no particular hurry to provide any sort of resolution. Which, you know, is fine at two episodes in, but I am desperately hoping that this doesn’t become the norm for the remainder of the season.

It must be said that this second episode reminded me quite a bit of horror/thriller movies from the 70’s & 80’s. We have long tracking shots of mountain ranges and valleys, the slow zoom through foliage up to the main character, long lingering shots on a character’s face as they stare at the camera. There are things that actually happen within the show that are unsettling, but the camerawork is also doing its best to make the viewer uncomfortable, and it mostly succeeds. But while the unsettling mood is handled well, the actual scares are definitely largely missing from episode 2. We get the requisite ominous shower scene, and a couple of jump scares, and that’s really about it.

We also get introduced to a few more characters, filling the roster out even more, while actually providing a bit more context and “day in the life” of some of the supporting cast from the first episode. Obviously Tilly remains our primary protagonist, and the events from the first episode, as well as some happenings here in the second episode, are starting to drive her a little bonkers. She’s acting rather irrationally, and while some if it seems understandable, the rest of it is just a little far-fetched and melodramatic. It’s kind of hard to root for someone who continually does things that you just know are a bad idea all around, but she does them with a kind of selfish flippancy that is annoying. I want to like Tilly, I really do, but she’s being an idiot, and I have a hard time forgiving that. Poor Hal gets sidetracked for half of this episode, and Tilly’s treatment of him is just one more reason I want to slap some sense into her. I also don’t understand her wardrobe choices…she won’t wear a bra while in a slinky dress when she’s prepping for a huge public performance, but she’ll wear one during and after sex? Those wacky Brits…

Surprisingly, we get to spend some more time with Rose, the mother of the missing girl from the first episode, and we see that not everything is peaches & cream with her life. Must be tough being married to Jeremy Renner’s dad (from here on out known as JRD). {note: I know he’s not Jeremy Renner’s dad…but jesus, just look at him!} But as much as I wanted to have sympathy for her, the way she’s depicted makes it hard to me to find any. I know she’s suffered quite a bit, but at the end of the day, she’s that kind of “head in the sand” housewife that makes me want to scream. We also get more time with Nick, who inherited the “big house” from his uncle, and while his motivations are sound and he has valid points, I still just find him an icky douchecanoe with limited redeeming qualities and oodles & oodles of chest hair.

In fact, the only character who I don’t want to push off a cliff right now is the local constable, who is the only person who actually seems to care about what happened at the very beginning of the first episode (which basically set the supernatural tone for the series, which barely rears its head in the second episode). I like that she doesn’t take any crap from the local bartender, who wears a sneer like some people wear a comfortable baseball cap. And I like that she asks Nick about Tilly & Hal; ”you just let them move right in, did you?” Go small town bobbies! If only she were as on point with dealing with a certain crime scene witness…

Notes/observations from the second episode:

1) Lady Mormont from GoT! And she’s still got that “you’re all beneath me” facial expression!

2) Nail biting herring! Are nail biters inherently related to each other?

3) The LITERAL power of friendship!

4) Paying for beer with change…maybe it’s just because I live in Utah, but I love the fact that Europeans can just pay for a pint with whatever change they have in their pockets.

5) Obvious out-of-towner talking to one of the local kids at the school…and NOT ONE of the teachers thinks this is strange or comes to investigate? So much for small town familiarity!

6) Perpetually barking dogs…animal control in this county just DGAF!

STABS Ratings:

Sexiness 2/10

Tilly in a bra, but only for a few seconds. Uber chest hair on Nick, if that’s your thing.

Thespianism 6/10

Hal does very well in his unrequited love role, but there are no real standouts this time around.

Atmosphere 7/10

Great camera work, beautiful set pieces, and being “shot on location” really help set an ominous tone.

Blood/Gore 1/10

Bloody sheep haunch and PG rated crime scene photos…and that’s literally it.

Soundtrack 7/10

Though the music plays less of a role this time around, it’s still one of the best things about the show.

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