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Netflix Series Review - Requiem (Episode 4)

Episode 4 – Finally! We finally get a return of the supernatural elements, making this episode the most fulfilling yet (even better than the first episode). This momentum honestly should have happened a little sooner, but maybe that long pause is what makes it seem so effective. Things are coming to a head in a big way with most of our cast, and while there are still very few actual answers provided, the heavier presence of the “thin ones” and the visions that accompany them is a welcome return to the advertised premise of the show. There is still the frustration of the lack of answers; episode 3 ended with a pretty big cliffhanger regarding Tilly’s birth certificate, and that never even comes up in this episode. We also STILL don’t get any follow-up from the constable on the time discrepancy from the kickoff event from the first episode. But, with the shift in momentum and some significant happenings taking place, those quibbles fall to the back burner (which I think is intentional; this show is great at misdirection).

And yes, we do get some stereotypical and cliché exposition in this episode; important books falling to the ground with a loud bang, catching the attention of our protagonist (an event that was manufactured for movies/shows, as we see it so often), and answers from a source that Tilly should have revisited ASAP after the first meeting. But, that’s ok. I’ll take whatever progression I can get, even if its stuff we’ve seen before.

Tilly finally gets some real character interactions beyond just the confused dealings with hostile townsfolk, which helps us reestablish actual concern for her character and plight. Yes, she’s still a walking idiot, making some seriously questionable decisions that you can’t help but shake your head at. And she’s still incredibly selfish (sure, she’s got revenue from CD recordings and whatnot, but Hal is just an accompanist, poor dude must be going broke on this little excursion). But she is also finally starting to get some answers, and she is beginning to be proactive instead of reactive. Hal gets much more screen-time this go-round, and that is a good thing. While he’s ultimately a wet blanket (he literally falls like a house of cards when JRD comes at him; I was totally expecting him to yell “not the hands!”), I can’t help but like the guy. He’s just so selfless and giving (no wonder he’s in the friend zone) that you can’t help but feel for him. And Tru, who I despised in the first couple of episodes, is coming around as well, and it’s fun to see how she and Hal dance around the burgeoning attraction growing between them. Hey, not a single sneer from her this time! And then we have Nick, whom I’m beginning to think has more going on with him (not in a good way) than meets the eye. He’s acting awfully shifty. The rest of the cast play their parts well, and with both mysteries AND supernatural shenanigans, this episode gives everyone a moment to shine (or at least have something to do). We also get a new character who helps provide some much needed backstory and possible insight into what the voices are in Tilly’s visions. While she comes across as completely random at first, when she and Tilly have a sit-down, we find out that she’s just very sensitive to the supernatural, and it’s made her a little bonkers.

The good camerawork also makes a slight return, helping set the slightly ominous and oppressive tone. While the atmosphere takes a hit with all the character interactions and plot progression, this is still a wonderfully filmed series. Sadly, the music takes a hit this time around (Tilly isn’t playing her cello, because how can she?), and I don’t recall the score sticking out. However, we DO get a return of the creepy recording of Carys singing (the music that Hal jotted down note for note last episode), and it is delightfully creepy.

My biggest disappointment is that some major plot twists or reveals still aren't mentioned here, or just kind of glossed over. There's a few important discoveries and/or developments that were hinted at or revealed, but then left for later. Well, it's later...and many of them still aren't answered. This is getting to be a pattern with this show, and frankly it's getting a annoying.

I’m glad that Requiem is finally starting to head back in a positive direction. While I am enjoying the central mystery, I chose this show based on the supernatural premise, and when that starting falling away, my enjoyment was falling away as well. I still would have finished the series (and given it a major ding in the final review), but if the rest of the show can keep to the same level as this 4th episode, then I won’t feel like I wasted my time. We’ll see what episode 5 brings!

Notes/observations from the fourth episode:

1) No herrings! Seriously, I don’t think there were any “herring” moments this episode.

2) Hal thinks he knows who is in the old photographs with Rose…but does he mention it to Tilly? OF COURSE NOT! Sigh. These people…

3) “That’s not my blood.” But does anyone question who it does belong to? OF COURSE NOT! Again…these people…

4) Tilly only has one bra? And she sleeps in it? No wonder she’s always cranky when she wakes up.

5) Worst cover-up wallpaper job ever!

6) Tilly looks like she’s 12 when she’s sitting on the hospital table. All she needs is a lollipop and a Shopkins backpack.

7) Wow, they sure installed that paper towel holder way up high, didn’t they?

STABS Ratings:

Sexiness 2/10

Tilly in a bra and panties, Tru in semi-tight shirts. And literally nothing else.

Thespianism 7/10

Much more acting this time around. From Tilly, from Hal, from JRD, from Tru. Everyone wins!.

Atmosphere 6/10

Tilly’s little séance in the house, and again in the forest, are great mood setters.

Blood/Gore 2/10

Strange scratches on Tilly’s collarbones, and some blood stains on Tilly’s jacket and fingers.

Soundtrack 5/10

Nothing to write home about, but nothing awful either. The lack of live instruments is missed.

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