Mild-mannered office employee and father by day, lover of the darker sides of entertainment at night. I've been a fan of horror movies, dark music, and scary books since I was in Jr. High. And while they've been easy enough to enjoy on my own, I've had a desire lately to share this love with the outside world. And thus The Horror Herald was born!

I initially thought of going with The Horrorist...but sadly a New York musician already beat me to that one. Then I thought of going with The Terrorist...but that one got canned quickly for rather obvious reasons. So, yeah, The Horror Herald it is!

When I'm not partaking of the seedier & shadier sides of the entertainment industry, I can be found parenting, kayaking, target shooting, road-tripping, hosting a book club, or hiking.



E-Mail: voiddragon76@gmail.com

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